Couples Intimate Filming Photography Shoot

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Over the years either before their wedding or after the wedding, couples have approached and asked if we are able to do a Couples Intimate Filming Photography Shoot or Couples Erotic Private Filming.  As a result of this we have built up an expertise in this area of work and are able to work with couples offering them a specialised unique service tailored to their personal desires.

Couples intimate filming photography shoot is a very sexy and erotic piece of professional photography and filming work we do and offer to our clients – it tends to be adult in nature and very involved between the couple.

Prior to the shoot we discuss with the couples as to what they are looking for in the shoot and the degree of intimacy they each want to express.  For example -they may want the session to lead with a story, this could be shot outdoors with the final scenes being performed indoors. Or the shoot could be a session, which is on the spur of the moment passionate with intense aggression and feeling for each other.

We treat all our work in strictest confidence and we do not keep any copies of materials shot or show off to other clients.  Once we have done our work it is handed over to you the client on your own hard drives and all our copies are deleted.

The filming can take place at either our studious, in which case there are no additional costs – however should you want to shoot in a hotel or any other location? Then you as the client will need to pay for those costs in advance.  We are also happy to shoot at your home and confirm that we work all over the country.

Our prices are very flexible and it maybe cost effective, in the case of a couple getting married to tie this shoot in with our Bridal Lingerie and Boudoir Shoot as part of wedding photography packages

All our filming and photography will be fully edited and the video will be high definition blue ray quality and its length as a minimum would be about ten minutes long.  However upon couples’ request we have produced much longer one hour videos.  Again these are the points we will discuss with you during our consultation stage.  All our edits for the video will be cut to a music of your choice and the selected still photographs from the shoot will be fully edited and print ready when they are handed over to you.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us and for more information about wedding photography please visit – wisephotoNs – our main home page on professional wedding photography