Pre Wedding and Engagement Photography

We specialise in pre-wedding and engagement photography and is included as a standard in the range of packages we offer as outlined in our wedding photography prices and packages

This is quite a specialised element of our work that aims to capture the couples feelings and relationship. Due to this we are able to offer this at a location of your choice or at our studios. In addition to his we are able to suggest a location that will also help to reflect your special relationship.

We try our best to capture photographs that reflect your relationship and it these photographs that we publish in a DVD format for display at your wedding reception, for all your guests to enjoy and share in your wonderful day.

During the consultation stage we offer a bridal training session session, which involves working with the bride, helping her to develop poses for her wedding photographs that truly reflect her character, beauty, figure and personality. This training session is like a workshop, which is free and majority of the brides shown here in our pre wedding engagement photography gallery have taken advantage of this training. As a result of this, their photographs are awesome.  The training session gave them confidence about themselves, since they knew how their photographs were going to turn out and it also put them in control of how they wanted to pose and present themselves with little direction from us.

To get the best imagery, we dedicate at least half a day for the shoot and ask that the pre-wedding and engagement photography be done at least three months before the wedding. Thus giving us enough time to edit and publish the photographs in either or both as a DVD and a guest signing book.