Professional Wedding Photography

“Manipulating Light to Inspire”

We have been specialising in professional wedding photography for over twenty years and have covered many different types of civil and religious wedding ceremonies at various venues.

Professional wedding photography have a team of photographers and videographers fully experienced and qualified to cover your wedding.  As a result of this, we offer a range of wedding photography prices and packages to suit your budget and also offer you the option to design your own wedding photography price and package. We also have some special offers for advance bookings.  For more information please visit professional wedding photography special offers

What we do !

Engagement Photography

We specialise in doing unique engagement photography. The shoot is designed to bring out the couples relationship and can take anything upto two hours to shoot. Engagement photography is fun and exciting with most of the shoots taking place outdoors.

Bridal Lingerie and Boudoir

We specialise in boudoir and lingerie photography.This is a very high quality piece of work, which we are able to shoot at our studios or at the bride's home.

Cinematic and Video filming

We have a specialist team of video film-makers that do a film shoot shoot to high definition and 4K level.

Bridal Consultation

Agreeing key shots, the itinerary of the day and details of key guests to be photographed. At this stage we also offer bridal training - helping the bride become photography ready, providing guidance on how to pose and how she can show off her character and personality in her wedding photographs. We also provide bridal training workshops with our other partners.

International Photography

We have covered weddings and engagements shoots overseas and are able to provide a full comprehensive international wedding photography service. We also run special offers for weddings taking place overseas. Contact us for more information on these offers.

Drone and Ariel photography

We are able to provide a range of equipment to capture your day from different heights and angles. So if you have an exotic location and want it to capture the beauty of it from all sides for future posterity then get in touch with us.

Special Wedding Photography Offers Training Courses Shows

On all our wedding photography assignments we offer all our brides a bridal photography training session. We see this as a key aspect of our work, where we work with the bride to help her develop and build her photography posing style that truly reflects her character and personality.  Thus making her ready for her wedding photography shoot and special wedding photography offers training courses shows.

This is an important element of our work since it puts the bride in control of how she wants to appear in her photographs with very little direction from the photographer.


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Wedding Albums – Choosing – Design – Style

There are various types of wedding albums on the market, giving couples a bewildering level of choice – which makes the decision to choose a wedding album, a complicated one. For wedding photography pricing and packages please click here.

We always get asked by clients why some albums are more expensive than others and what makes them different?  The answer is not as straight forward as one would like it to be.  Most of this is attributed to things like the manufacturer’s process of putting the album together and the type of materials being used to make the wedding album.  


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Wedding Engagement Photography

Some of our wedding packages include engagement photo shoots.

These shoots are a fun and exciting events, orchestrated in a way to truly show the couple’s relationship. The engagement gallery further illustrates this and as you can see there is lots of energy in these photographs.

What you wear on your wedding day that is a wedding dress. However for the pre wedding photo shoots we always suggest some bright contrasting colours that you are comfortable wearing.


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