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Professional Wedding Photographer Why You should Hire One

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Photography is the most important aspect of your event. If you select the wrong photographer you will live to regret it for the rest of your life. Even if you have insurance to cover the eventuality of lost or damaged photographs – a re-shoot of the day in a simulated environment is no substitute for the actual event.

Therefore consider carefully the person you choose to photograph and video your wedding.

Nowadays digital cameras have become so popular that almost everyone feels that they can take brilliant pictures. This is where things go wrong, when the uncle or nephew who puts themselves forward to photograph the wedding, beware their work is no substitute compared to a professional.

The main problem is that most digital cameras which people own are fine and suitable for those personal moments for the individual. However when it comes to printing and recording images for future posterity the professional behind the camera would know how to do this exactly. Sadly, the uncle or the nephew would not, they need to understand how light works and despite the automation within present digital cameras, a professional still has to make corrections manually on the day of the shoot to compensate and also prepare the image for further manipulation when preparing the wedding album.

It is quite frustrating to see how weddings have been ruined as a result of the work of the uncle or the nephew and the subsequent the family feud is even more sad, resulting in each wishing the other some ill or a witch’s curse.

People tend to go for the family relative option since it appears cheaper, which maybe true.  However we do encourage couples to put aside a budget for a professional to cover your wedding.  At wisephotoNs as part of professional photography work we provide flexible payment options for your wedding giving you a breathing space to plan and budget for your wedding accordingly.  We have packages that start from little as £550 for half day wedding coverage, for more information please visit our packages and prices page