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When should we choose our wedding photographer

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We always advise our clients that they should start choosing their wedding photographer immediately after they have announced their engagement.  There are number of reasons for this –

  1. Good Professional Photographers are busy people and they get booked very quickly.
  2. If you are on a tight budget putting in a payment plan with the photographer would help you spread the cost of your finances and ease your burdens.  We provide flexible payment options please contact us for more information.
  3. The photographer is also very busy and they also take holidays and time off so you need to make sure that the photographer you want has time to plan his diary around you as well.
  4. If you are seeking to do an engagement shoot, bridal lingerie or any other additional shoots, the photographer will need time to fit this in and do all the necessary edits to ensure the images are ready for use by your wedding day.

The following are the key stages involved in choosing your wedding photographer

12 Months To Go

– Ask friends and family for recommendations

– Make sure the photographer makes you feel at ease.

– View as many photographers’ portfolios as possible.

– Look at weddings photographed at a similar time of year as yours.

– Find out about the photographer’s qualifications and experience.

6 Months To Go

– Discuss the style (traditional, reportage etc) of photography and editing facilities.

– Ask the photographer if they shoot on film or use a digital camera.

– Make a detailed list of all the shots you want taken as well as big group photos.

– Get a breakdown of the photographer’s costs, including travel and overtime rates.

– Find out if your photographer has public liability and indemnity insurance cover.

– Will the person you have met be the actual photographer on the day?

4 to 2 Months To Go

– Make sure your photographer has your shot list and is briefed on key members.

– Check that your photographer is familiar with the venue and locations for photos.

– Choose a bridesmaid or usher to help round up guests for photos on the day.

– Ask the photographer when you will receive the photos and how you can view them.

– Find out what your photographer will need in terms of refreshments on the day.

 3 to 2  Months To Go

– Setup a with the photographer a web page to upload your images in low resolution to the web where your guests can view the pictures.

– Discuss how you want the photos eg album, DVD – and check on timings.

– Does the photographer have spare equipment and a back up if they are ill?

– Check your copyright agreement to know how you can use and duplicate your photos.

– Check your wedding insurance covers last minute photography mishaps!